The Artist

Jennifer Issaverdens, the owner and artist behind Issa Pottery, has become the go-to potter for the restaurant business in the Bay Area and beyond.  Her pottery changes the way food sets on the plate, and the uniqueness of her dishes provide the perfect accompaniment to each chef’s imagination and their restaurant’s atmosphere.

Growing up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California and being frequently outdoors, Jennifer's artwork has an inherent natural and organic feel.  Her travels and time spent in other countries has further enhanced her creativity and ongoing inspiration.

After opening Bouche restaurant in San Francisco with her husband, Jennifer started a pottery studio in their home in Sausalito, California. She and her family have made a big move across country this summer and are living in Marblehead, MA.  Her very first exclusive line of dishware was imagined and produced for Bouche.  Issa Pottery now counts over 20 exclusive lines of dishware in collaboration with chefs.

“Issa Pottery has grown so much in the last couple of years," Jennifer says. "I’m so thankful to be working with such wonderful chefs and owners.”